Do you want to personalize a piece of furniture or panels? You can do it with us for free!

Each of the products available in our offer is made from start to finish in our production plant. Therefore, we can make furniture or panels strictly tailored to your needs.


Below you will find information on how to easily adapt furniture and panels to your interior.


 change of dimensions


All furniture and panels from our offer can be ordered to size. Given on the site

dimensions are suggestions only.


If you want to change the sizes, write to us, and we will select the appropriate dimensions together with the furniture technologist and carpenters.  With us, you can design furniture that fits perfectly into your interior.



 color change

Our offer includes the proposed furniture colors. However, if you would like to choose other colors, please see the templates below.

We work with RAL and NCS templates. As for the color of the lamellas, they can be modified, e.g. bleached or grayed (we have our own paint mixing plant).



Base coloring pattern

We use RAL and NCS templates,

ecological varnishes from Adler 


Lamellas coloring pattern

Own mixing plant,

ecological varnishes by Sopur


Additional changes


We also propose personalizing the furniture both internally and externally.  

Changing the configuration of the internal space of a piece of furniture consists in modifying the layout, for example, we can offer additional shelves or drawers, according to a design made by us free of charge.

Accessories such as table tops, fittings, legs can also be modified. We are also able to make additional decorations.

ATTENTION! These changes may be chargeable.



Changing the interior of the furniture

Adjust the interior space of the furniture to your needs


Change of add-ons 

Match the accessories of the furniture to your style


Are you already decided or do you have additional questions? Write to us!

Thank you for your message, we will reply as soon as possible!