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Custom-made furniture offer

Our company, in addition to permanent collections, offers a wide range of services related to the design and manufacture of custom-made furniture. We specialize in the production of oak wood furniture, offering a full range of products for the whole home.   

Our offer includes free-standing and built-in furniture, such as kitchen furniture, wardrobes, built-in wardrobes and other custom-made interior furnishings. We work with both individual clients and companies, in particular with hotels and restaurants.  

The main services offered by Perla Bottega are: 

Custom design.  

Perla Bottega provides professional furniture design services that meet the individual needs and preferences of customers. Contact us if you are looking for unique, functional and aesthetic solutions for your interior.  


Furniture production.  

The company has its own carpentry shop near Warsaw, where qualified carpenters and craftsmen deal with the production of furniture from oak wood. Thanks to many years of experience in carpentry, the company is able to ensure the highest quality, durability and aesthetics of its products. 


Painting and finishing. 

After the furniture is made, the company offers grinding and varnishing services that give the furniture a unique look and protect it from damage and the influence of external factors.  


Assembly and delivery.  

Perla Bottega also offers furniture assembly services throughout the European Union. Thanks to the professional approach and experience of the assembly team, the furniture is professionally installed to ensure durability and safety of use. 


Customer service. 

The company provides comprehensive customer service, from consultation and design to furniture assembly. We help at every stage of the process, answering questions and providing technical support. 


Thanks to comprehensive services, high-quality materials and experienced employees, we are able to meet the needs of both customersthose looking for unique solutions for their home, as well as companies that want to create a unique space for their business.  

Sample projects:

Do you want to personalize a piece of furniture or panels? You can do it with us for free!

Each of the products available in our offer is made from start to finish in our production plant. Therefore, we can make furniture or panels strictly tailored to your needs.


Below you will find information on how to easily adapt furniture and panels to your interior.



Base coloring pattern

We use RAL and NCS templates,

ecological varnishes from Adler 

Chest of drawers_Mala_Grey_Cam_05.jpg

Lamellas coloring pattern

Own mixing plant,

ecological varnishes by Sopur

Chest of drawers_Mala_Black_Cam_05.jpg

Additional changes.

We also offer personalization of the furniture both internally and externally. 

Changing the configuration of the internal space of the furniture consists in modifying the layout, for example, we can offer additional shelves or drawers, according to a design made by us directlyeasy. maccessories such as countertops, fittings, legs may also be modified. We are also able to make additional decorations.

ATTENTION! These changes may incur additional charges.



Changing the interior of the furniture

Adjust the interior space of the furniture to your needs


Change of add-ons 

Match the accessories of the furniture to your style


Already decided or do you have additional questions? Write to us!

Thank you for your message, we will reply as soon as possible!
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